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Sunday, January 28, 2018


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In today’s ultra-competitive market, Customer Experience (CX) is a strategic imperative that is helping market leaders aggressively grow their business through new customer acquisition and existing customer retention.

However, even market leaders need to stay vigilantly attuned to changing consumer preferences or they risk a quick descent from leader to laggard. Omnichannel interactions and the emergence of digital mobile as a preferred consumer engagement channel have added complexity and risk to CX initiatives and corresponding business value.

To help you make sense of this complexity, Forrester Principal Analyst Maxie Schmidt provided her perspective on several related questions we hear from customers every day as a follow-up to a recent webinar, The Right Voice of Customer (VoC) Program for the Digital Age:

  • How are companies deriving immediate business value from Customer Experience initiatives?
  • Where in their organizations should business leaders expect to see value from digital VoC?
  • How can companies embrace digital feedback channels to accelerate their CX programs?

Click here to get Maxie’s answers to these important questions.

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