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Thursday, January 25, 2018



What does the most popular NFL game and your contact center have in common? A lot more than you may think! Efficiency and good communication are most likely the key factors to winning the biggest game in sports AND improving the overall customer experience within a contact center. Designed to be flexible to meet your contact center’s needs, Enghouse Interactive is proud to add value to your organization with Touchpoint Agent.  The New England Patriots may not be adding another trophy to their lineup this year, but Touchpoint Agent is creating winning contact centers worldwide with real time play-by-play reporting. With a richer presence and status information, becoming contact center coach of the year is simple. Speaking of simplicity, Touchpoint agent streamlines call handling with an intuitive and easy interface.

Much like creating football plays, Touchpoint Agent can be personalized and tailored by popping CRM data as each call is delivered. Remember, you want your contact center CRM integration to be fast, easy, and sustainable. Touchpoint agent fits the bill and end users will appreciate not having to toggle back and forth from multiple screens. Touchpoint Agent integrates seamlessly with Microsoft 365 to provide you with a complete end zone to end zone solution when it comes to your business’ communication needs.

With the practical ease of getting your call center up and running via the downloadable application, you can keep your head in the contact center game and don’t have to worry about getting caught demonstrating unsportsmanlike conduct. With a team of customer support technicians at Enghouse Interactive, choosing Touchpoint Agent is one of the easiest calls you can make!

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