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Sunday, January 21, 2018



The four-day Administration Foundation course is integral to administrating the Communications Center (CC) system. The course is designed to give you an in-depth knowledge of more advanced CC administration.    Hands-on exercises will help you learn how to optimize your contact center for faster call handling and improved customer satisfaction.

Here are the details:

Course: 4-day Intermediate CC Administration Course

Date: February 12th – 15th  

Location: Dallas, TX

A few of the things we will cover during this four day course include:

How CC delivers calls (call routing) • Using skills-based routing • How agents use TouchPoint • Understanding supervisor functionality • Companies vs. departments • Creating and editing queues • Working with agent login classes • Delivery Patterns • Configuring alerts, service level, modifiers and wrap up templates • Introduction to Snapshot • Out Dial and Auto Dial Queuing • Using auto attendants to distribute calls • Using progress announcements, position in queue, and ETA in queues • One touch keys • Configuring and optimizing callback • Auto reply announcement • Multilingual announcements and call flows Using and Configuring Survey • Deep dive into reports • Reducing abandons and hold times based on reports • Creating personal reports • Scheduling reports • Reporting on auto attendants • Using Reports to troubleshoot  • Email • Web Chat • SMS • Multimedia templates
Troubleshooting • Troubleshooting tips • Recognize and fix common issues Security  • Security best practices • Security classes vs. user security • Functions vs. objects Utilizing Queries in the Call Flow • Customer Queries • Query Database

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