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Sunday, January 14, 2018


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2017 clearly demonstrated the need for increased safety, security and collaboration throughout all components of an organization.

Because of the numerous security-related events that occurred, we saw an overall trend of end users moving from simply reacting to proactively trying to identify the potential areas where threats are prevalent—addressing the issues before they become major problems.

This method of preparation will continue to be critical in 2018, as security risks of all forms will become more complex and significant. But one security area in particular needs to be the main focus next year: cybersecurity. As expected, we already saw an increase in the role of cybersecurity in 2017—today, organizations demand solutions that are cyber-secure after seeing (and in some cases, experiencing) the network attacks and breaches that took place last year.

As the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) continues onward, there needs to be an even greater emphasis placed on cybersecurity this year. Manufacturers, integrators and end users must actively collaborate to develop policies that reduce exposure to cybersecurity challenges, such as helping to ensure that all network devices are updated to the latest versions and practicing password hygiene.

An interesting benefit of the expanded focus on cyber protection is the collaboration between physical security and cybersecurity teams, which will also be a crucial approach this year. This partnership will further propel stronger security measures across an organization’s infrastructure, and ultimately allows for a quicker fusing of data sources, facilitating streamlined investigations and more rapid response.

Additionally, Big Data and deep learning analytics will only become more widespread, enabling the collection of myriad data points across systems, services and devices. Aggregating data from multiple sensors is critical for sharing information easily within and across agencies to strengthen an overall security posture.

Organizations need to generate actionable intelligence from these collected data points to achieve strategic intelligence and business objectives in 2018.

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