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Sunday, January 14, 2018


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If not, it really should be. The benefits of a superior customer experience are now widely accepted. Great CX can equal a loyal and growing customer base, which in turn can equal increasing revenue and market share.

But even if CX is a strategic imperative, proving your CX initiatives drive discernible and quantifiable business value can be a tough challenge. However, it’s absolutely critical to helping to ensure sustained buy-in, investment and—ultimately—successful outcomes.

If you’re seeking to deliver CX that results in measurable business results, you will most likely know all about this. No doubt, it’s a question you grapple with constantly. To help, Forrester has built models to demonstrate how CX improvements drive growth in bottom line revenue.

We at Verint have secured complimentary access to the October 2017 Forrester Report “Drive Business Growth With Great Customer Experience, 2017: The Upside of Investing in CX for 17 Industries – October 2017” for a limited period. This outlines the actual dollar value of CX optimization. We would encourage you to download it as you seek to benchmark, influence and improve.

Please note: this report is only available until February 2.

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