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Tuesday, December 26, 2017



In an age where we all seek to do more with less—and do it better—it seems there’s always an opportunity to use the latest enhancements in technology to help.

Contact center teams have been evaluating call recordings for quality for years now. What is different today is that organizations that embrace automation can potentially leapfrog their competitors and dramatically improve how work is done in their contact centers.

Automated quality management provides the ability to automatically score some or all of the questions—in some or all of your evaluation forms. This offers your contact center the flexibility to introduce automation at your own pace, while providing visibility into the large volume of calls that have been recorded but have previously gone unheard.

For even greater value, organizations can then shift resources from manually evaluating calls to where they can make more significant impact: coaching employees on the specific skills they need to improve. Increasing both customer and employee satisfaction are at stake.

Want to learn more? Read valuable perspectives from Forrester Principal Analyst Ian Jacobsafter our recent Automated Quality webinar in this Q&A document.

You can also access a full replay recording of the webinar, Empower Your Employees with More Data, More Automation, in which guest speaker Ian Jacobs of Forrester Research and Verint’s Kristyn Emenecker discuss how using technology to automate your quality program can produce real-life benefits for your quality team—as well as your frontline employees, your customers and your company.

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