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Sunday, December 24, 2017

Utilizing Mobile Technology and Improving the Customer Experience in the Healthcare Industry.


More patients are turning to a self-service approach when it comes to healthcare. This doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve taken to performing procedures and self-diagnosing but they are refilling prescriptions, setting up appointments, and asking questions digitally. The Enghouse Interactive solution of Communications Portal helps to streamline administrative tasks, in turn, reducing costs, waiting times, and confusion. The concept of addressing your health needs on your own time is not only attractive to society today, but convenient with the application being available on most mobile devices.

Outbound push notifications, SMS/text messages, voicemail, and email confirmations of an upcoming appointment or prescription refill reminders help to ease the back-office workflow and reduce cancellations and reschedules. Not only do patients have access to professional resources, the Enghouse Communications Portal assists them with a clear understanding and preparing for future actions.

The consumers have spoken and there is a shift where people are willing to pay for a better healthcare experience. Enghouse Communications Center is at the forefront of making this happen by providing the ability for medical professionals to give up-to-date and necessary information to patients. In addition, Enghouse software facilitates the familiarity and personal connection between patient and provider in a timely manner.

The way you use your time has a major impact on the quality of your health and Enghouse Interactive is in the business of creating efficiency, improving the consumer experience, and providing the technology to streamline communication when it comes to healthcare options.

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