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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Is the Customer Really ALWAYS Right?

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The age old saying “the customer is always right” may stand true in some lines of business but in the contact center, there are customer interactions constantly challenging that theory. Yes, it’s understandable for customers to express frustration when dealing with the usual culprits of navigating multiple prompts, being placed on long holds, and having to repeat themselves but does that make it right to scream demands, swear, or disrespect the agent on the other side of the phone? No. The goal should always be to defuse the situation and troubleshoot the problem. Empathy and sympathy can be a great place to start! Active listening is another tool that paired with asking the correct questions can all help to get the dialogue back on track. In business we know every customer is valuable but contact center employees are cherished too. Call recording and the proper contact center technology can do wonders for both staff and customers. Naturally, happy employees will provide better service and better service will create happy customers. So back to the “customer is always right” philosophy, when the unruly customers become the focus, the good customers can get ignored, and service agents won’t stick around. Moral of the story: Customers are important, but service representatives and a thriving contact center are vital.

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