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Wednesday, November 8, 2017


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The recent influx of news about advances in automation technology can create some employee anxiety—however, there’s good news. These capabilities can actually empower employees and make their lives—and those of your customers—even better.

Using technology to automate your quality program—from scoring through coaching—can produce real-life benefits for your quality team, as well as your frontline employees, your customers and your company.  Who doesn’t want that?

Your chance to find out how you and your organization can benefit is almost here. On November 15 guest speaker Ian Jacobs, Principal Analyst of Forrester Research and Kristyn Emenecker, Global Vice President, Product Strategy Group, of Verint, will present on a live webinar, “Empower Your Employees with More Data, More Automation” at 2 p.m. ET.

Join Jacobs and Emenecker as they discuss automated quality management and their insights into these five important questions to be addressed live during the webinar:

  1. How can you communicate the benefits of automation to your employees?
  2. Should all recorded calls be autoscored? Should manual evaluations still be conducted?
  3. What are some of the ways that automating quality can improve employee engagement?
  4. How can autoscoring evaluations help each agent perform even better?
  5. How can we free up quality teams to focus on driving greater value for the business—and for agents?

Make sure to join us for this webinar to find out more about the power of automation—and how you can harness the benefits for your organization. Register here

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