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Monday, October 16, 2017


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The Arsht Center for the Performing Arts, located in the heart of downtown Miami has been one of the world’s leading performing arts organizations and venues since 2006. With 110 full-time staff members and two buildings, the Arsht Center hosts more than 500 events every year that mirrors South Florida’s diversity and brings in 40 million dollars in annual revenue. The Arsht Center’s prominence and popularity has created a demand for and interest in its many events and programs. To keep up with customer demands, The Arsht Center needed an effective and responsible contact center answer consisting of these two main components with the second factor presenting a more challenging explanation:

  • A contact center team with a sufficient number of agents to handle all customer inquiries and effective managers to ensure high- quality service;
  • An easy-to-use but powerful contact center solution to support the agents’ interactions and their managers’ supervisory needs.

Agents were interacting with customers over the web, through email and fax communications, but mainly via voice calls over the Arsht Center’s unreliable legacy phone system. The current system did not support remote employees which was becoming problematic due to the extreme weather in Florida plus the lack of call recording and agent performance monitoring was not helping the overall customer experience.

The Arsht Center’s first step toward building an advanced new contact center was to migrate their old PBX to a highly-functional unified communications (UC) platform followed by selecting a contact center solution to integrate with their new Skype for Business UC platform. Communications Center and Quality Management Suite were by far the best choices for what the Arsht Center needed. Among the many factors that made Enghouse Interactive’s technology so appealing were its native integration with Microsoft Skype for Business and Office365, omnichannel functionality, agent-centric design, and the breadth and depth of Enghouse Interactive’s engineering and support teams.

Future Arsht Center plans with Enghouse involve implementing a live chat application so customers can engage with agents via instant messaging in real time. As the Arsht Center’s requirements evolve and Enghouse Interactive’s solutions continue to advance, the collaboration will surely endure.

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