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Wednesday, October 4, 2017


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We’re thankful for the confidence that you have instilled in us and work each day to earn your business.

We also want to tip our hats to the Verint professionals who work with our customers every day. In a Customers for Life organization such as ours, customer service isn’t a department—it’s a way of life.

From the back office to the front lines, our teams work diligently to understand our customers, proactively communicate and make it easy to do business with us. While we are always striving to raise the bar, we also take time to celebrate our successes.

Our Customer Support team, for example, has exceeded customer satisfaction goals for four concurrent quarters! Here are two examples of our support team’s dedication—through the words of our customers:

“I have worked with this person a few times now on different tickets, and he is always a pleasure to work with—he always manages to find a resolution to the issue at hand. He always gives sound advice and clearly communicates technical steps—and is just a good engineer all around to work with.”

She is not only very knowledgeable, but leaves no stone unturned to assist me (in resolving) issues that I encounter. Her solutions have been well thought through, effective and solve problems! She also possesses excellent interpersonal and people management skills. She is an EXPERT with the Verint tool….The surveys that I do often come from high powered office officials, and that comes with a lot of pressure. Whenever I get stuck and I call and get this person, I feel like I have been rescued! There has NEVER been a single time where she did not help me solve my issue, and I go on to shine like a diamond to my superiors!! I have her to thank for that.”

We extend a huge thank you to the Verint employees who understand the power of one person’s actions on developing customers for life. Mostly, we are thankful for our customers and recognize their hard work and dedicated attitudes.

This is Ryan talking here—I want to share something with you. Nancy has been named today as one of CXPA’s Customer Experience Impact Awards winners. A few years ago she realized at our annual Engage customer conferences that we needed to take advantage of the opportunity of having so many of our incredibly valuable customers in the building with us, so she spearheaded the creation of the onsite “CX Zone.” We invite customer attendees into “the zone” to provide an opportunity to interact in-person with Verint’s customer experience professionals and our giant, wall-sized customer journey map. As part of the CX Zone, feedback collection options include scripted questions on notepads to place on the walls, survey kiosks placed on tables throughout the room and flip charts that include sentences for customers to complete that answer questions such as, “I wish my experience included…” or, “You didn’t ask, but…” and so on.

The customer response has been incredible. Their honest and productive feedback on improvements has been invaluable—and customers were honored to be asked for their input. With the feedback captured and transcribed, we have compared it with existing customer journey maps and created plans to close gaps between actual and intended experiences. It is truly amazing what can be accomplished when you ask for your customers’ candid feedback.

From both of us, thank you again! Happy CX Day to all of you CX professionals out there—keep up the great work!

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