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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Customer Interaction Solutions

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Whenever a customer interacts with your organization, be it an account manager a technical specialist, a contact centre agent or through an automated self-service application, you need to ensure he has a positive and satisfying experience.

To give agents and office workers the best basis for successful interaction, the business communication system deploy must have powerful capabilities. Not only must it be easy to work with, allowing users to find information and switch application seamlessly, but it should also integrate front and back office processes.

And to ensure maximum Return On Investment (ROI), it must be easy to incorporate into your existing telecommunications system and IT infrastructure. So adopting an open architecture and adding compliance with all the most common IT and telecom standard to your shopping list will be necessary alongside the expected easy- to- maintain option that you know your senior management will expect.

Welcome to our world, a subject area we believe is so full of rich potential that we at Voxtron have made it our mission to help you enjoy the myriad benefits – and in a way that both delights you and exceed your expectations in the process.

Voxtron launched in 1994 and has many successful telecommunication products to its name. These include Telebutler. Axxium and agenTel, all solution characterized by high reliability, great performance, impressive feature and rapid ROI.

We proactive court the view and inputs of our customers because we know that this does not only lead to higher customers with satisfaction but gives us great new ideas to incorporate into our products.

Voxtron currently has thousands of satisfied customer in over 30 countries. they are there, we believe, because of the quality of our unique, customizable solution, competitive pricing and ongoing support.

We are forward to discussing your requirements with you father and thereafter welcoming you to our Voxtron community.





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