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Wednesday, August 9, 2017


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How can I SPEAK to a human being????

“Terrible customer service! I am unable to speak to a rep regarding a billing question.”

“I have been calling for months for you to correct my address. EVERY time it reverts back to the wrong address and my auto pay gets cancelled…”

These are real comments left by real customers on digital comment cards on three different websites. These aren’t just complaints—they’re digital cries for help about real problems.

But is anybody really listening?

In my work with customers across the globe, one trend is common across all geographies and cultures: the move to digital. It’s often faster, cheaper and easier than traditional means, and customers are demanding it.

But as we move increasingly to digital interactions, I have seen digital teams throw away comments that are not specific to the web experience. Why? Because they interpret them as irrelevant to their jobs.

Customers are making digital cries for help about all of their interactions with a brand, including the web experience, the contact center experience, the store experience and the partner experience. All of us have an opportunity to look at this data and take a broader view.

Organizations that listen—and act—on these digital cries for help will win by creating differentiated customer experiences.

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