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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Featured Partner: ConvergeOne


“There’s an old saying you’ve probably heard once or twice in your lifetime, “The customer is always right”. While this phrase doesn’t necessarily ring true to everyone or for every situation, there is a key takeaway- the importance of keeping your customers happy.

In today’s modern ecosystem, this has become increasingly imperative as we are in the midst of a Customer Experience revolution. In recent years, there has been a shift in the way customers expect to be served, leading to the rise of companies investing in Customer Experience Management (CEM). This investment in CEM is positively impacting organizations as executives are leveraging technologies broadly to gain better insights, data and communication with their customers.

ConvergeOne has been a leader in innovative communications solutions for decades. We are passionate about helping organizations become Customer Experience leaders and have a world-class CEM technology portfolio to support those initiatives.

We continue to achieve success by working closely with our technology partners like Enghouse to design, architect, integrate, deploy and maintain CEM solutions. Our companies offer “multi-lingual” expertise with Cisco, Avaya, Skype for Business and more. Enghouse has been a successful partnership for many years because of our shared values in customer service and customer experience. We remain committed to evolving and improving solutions and keeping our customers top of mind”

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