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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Step Inside the Always Evolving Insurance Contact Center


Customer expectations are on the rise when it comes to contact centers with customers becoming more savvy with the use of mobile technology and social media. Insurance contact centers in particular are invariably handling customers that expect consistent, efficient, and interactive communications across all channels. Recently, a well-known insurance company implemented Enghouse Interactive solution as a way to gain metrics within their contact center housing over 120 employees- something they had not had access to previously. Prior to installing the Enghouse software, the company focused on answering and handling calls with no real road map to ensure efficiency or productivity. Now that the appropriate software has been enforced, managers are able to see the call pane in a simple organized way and control who in the center sees what statistics. With the addition of user friendly desktop software, agents are enjoying the ease of making calls without having to pick up the phone. The insurance company is also finding it easy to locate other agents to ensure the customer is getting the best service possible. Another feature; call recording, is coming in handy since calls are easily found by searching by customer’s phone numbers. Since employing ACD, IVR, and call recording the company’s hold and handle times have decreased fueling the company’s growth.

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