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Social Engagement Platform

Serve customers and improve operations with one social engagement platform


Your customers expect fast, friendly customer service through your social media channels. Your stakeholders demand efficient, cost-effective operations. And your employees crave the tools to do their job right. CX Engage is the social engagement platform that meets all these needs.



Hear all your social activity. Monitor your brand, whether it’s tagged or not, across social media networks, review sites, blogs, news, forums, and more, all in one place.

Understand more. With more than 160 languages supported out of the box and visual recognition tools, CX Engage can listen and understand posts in multiple languages and even in images.

Filter the noise. Eliminate spam, advertising, and other unrelated text, leaving only the conversations that matter.



Understand your community. Detect influencers and use demographic insights for the full picture of your customers.

Classify and categorize. Filter incoming data by network, sentiment, keywords, followers, hashtags, demographics, time, and much more using out of the box industry models and best in class text analytics.

Analyze text naturally. Understand the context and meaning of each customer comment accurately through Natural Language Processing. Tune the NLP to your unique business needs and goals.

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Respond with confidence and in context. Give agents the tools to delight customers, including full conversation history, integrated CRM data, brand guidelines, and canned responses.

Pay attention. Focus on one customer at a time and prevent selection bias with our Focus View, complete with customer details, history, and social action.

Manage crisis communications.Toggle into crisis mode easily when your team identifies an emergency. This lets you arm your team with responses and alerts so they can respond with confidence, while also making sure previously scheduled posts don’t publish insensitively.



Route and respond appropriately. Automatically tag conversations, prioritize responses, and route issues to experts anywhere in the world for proper handling.

Smooth the process. Gain control over all your social media activity thanks to approval flows, activity logs, and custom user roles that define granular access.

Control the message. Monitor every message to find places to improve and to head off problems before they start.



Analyze team performance. Monitor the quality and quantity of engagement with tone of voice, unique users serviced, and reply time.

Benchmark average response time. Measure response times against your SLAs on a team or on an individual agent level.

Ensure full coverage. Identify when your conversations peak and schedule your staff accordingly to handle all the volume.



Provide customer service anywhere. Resolve all incoming mentions from your Android or iOS device with message history, profile details, tagging, and push alerts for critical mentions.

Publish on the go. Publish posts, updates, and photos right from your mobile device. Post immediately, or schedule for a future date and time.

Stay connected with your team. Route, assign, and submit posts, send messages, and approve posts for publishing—so your team doesn’t lose a step when you’re out and about.