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Voice Secure Authentication

VoiceWeb’s extensive portfolio also includes efficient speech-based authentication solutions which are successfully used for a broad range of applications such as caller authentication for voice portals, voice banking, voice commerce, password reset, access to private health records and generally whenever security is of high importance. Adding voice authentication to these applications may result in increased use of automated systems and reduced fraud, saving call center costs.

Voice Secure Authentication has helped our customers increase end-users’ confidence in the usage of Speech Services such as Voice Banking, Voice Commerce and Voice Customer Care. When also combined with speech recognition, a range of secure, cost effective applications can be built for businesses wishing to increase automation and improve customer satisfaction.

Speech can either be used to expedite the process of customers’ remote authentication or used as an extra authenticator, seamlessly and automatically backed up with traditional factors, such as knowledge data, to deliver a very strong authentication and transaction verification process.

Typically, alternative security measures such as touch-tone PINs and agent questions have a high cost associated with them, thus, in the future, more and more solutions will integrate Voice Biometrics for remote verification allowing for the best combination of convenienceaccuracy, and cost efficiency.

Biometrics technology captures specific physical characteristics of the human specch that are used to identify callers. Like a fingerprint, voice biometrics software creates individual voiceprints to authenticate callers and customers with their voices, enabling secure access to information without the need to remember a PIN.

To create the voiceprint callers are asked to say or repeat some information i.e. numbers from 1 to 9. In this way the digital representation of the caller’s speech characteristics is created. A voiceprint needs 3 samples of “Primary Utterance” – the utterance callers will always be asked for. Additional speech data is required to create a more robust voiceprint. Once the voiceprint is created it is stored in the speaker verification database so that users are quickly identified every time they call the service.

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