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Embed Video into Your Digital Communications

Vidyo platform makes it simple to real-time video for the moments that matter most, in telehealth, video banking, workforce collaboration, customer engagement, and more.

More than 295 U.S healthcare systems use Vidyo for telemedicine that improves access to quality care for more people. More than 450 financial institutions use Vidyo to recreate the in-branch experience from anywhere. From healthcare and banking to education, government and more, Vidyo visually connects the world.

Vidyo platform makes it simple to embed video into anything with a processor and a screen, from smartphone apps to smart glasses, drones, the Internet of Things and beyond.

Why Vidyo?

  • Platform

Vidyo’s patented platform integrates with virtually any application, environment, network, and device to deliver the highest quality experiences that strengthen teams, build trust, foster long-term relationships, and improve quality of life for everyone.

  • Ecosystem

Whether embedding real-time video using vidyo.io and our rich APIs, or through integrations built into the VidyoCloud platform, enterprises and entrepreneurs alike reimagine their business models while delivering improved outcomes.

  • Community

Vidyo has invested and continues to invest in your success: our partners who scale and extend our reach, and our customers who share best practices with one another. Together we’ve made high-quality real-time video communications the new normal.