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Workforce Optimization

Increase employee and customer satisfaction and engagement, while lowering cost of service delivery.

As customer expectations evolve, so must the approach that your organization takes to deliver service. With interactions taking place across various communications channels and organizational touch points, it no longer makes sense to manage service delivery in functional silos. You need an enterprise approach to customer service, with the ability to manage the employees who are part of the service delivery process, regardless of their department or functional area.


Verint Workforce Optimization offers organizations a comprehensive way to capture, evaluate, manage and analyze omnichannel customer interactions.  This enterprise solution is a broad set of unified software and services that can enable you to capture interactions and manage performance of your employees either across your enterprise, or in targeted areas of your business, including:


Verint Workforce Optimization comprises a suite of unified solutions with a single user interface and unique business process workflows available right out of the box. This can help you quickly gain access to information for faster decision making. Other advantages include simplified system administration and maintenance, real-time enterprise collaboration, intuitive interfaces and navigation, and reduced total cost of ownership. Verint Workforce Optimization includes proven solutions such as:


Verint Workforce Optimization works in tandem with Verint Customer Analytics products such as Speech, Text and Engagement Analytics, Enterprise Feedback Management and Customer Community.

Verint Workforce Optimization can be licensed as a whole or by individual product and deployed on-premises, or accessed via the cloud, with flexible purchase methods to suit your business needs.


Desktop and Process Analytic

Reveal Hidden Capacity and Deliver Insights. Many organizations have little to no visibility into how employees use different systems, applications, and processes to perform their work. This is particularly challenging in operations where the activities and processes are not phone-based. This lack of information can make it difficult to identify…

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Performance Management

Informing Employees and Managers with Actionable Intelligence through Scorecards, eLearning, Coaching and Gamification. Managing performance and productivity is no easy task, given the multiple functions, disparate systems, and complex processes typical of today’s customer service teams across the enterprise. Performance management programs can help organizations work toward their goals of…

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Quality Management

Assess larger samples, focus on important interactions, gain customer intelligence and target coaching to employees. Quality monitoring has been around for decades, and there is a tremendous opportunity to improve it in most contact centers. Many centers often rely on a random, small (less than 1 percent), statistically insignificant sample…

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Reduce Liability and Enhance Compliance and Quality. Organizations have long been recording interactions between their customers and employees for liability protection, compliance, and quality management purposes. While these recordings can contain massive amounts of useful information, extracting actionable intelligence from them quickly can be challenging. Verint Intelligent Call Recording is…

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