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Enterprise Feedback Management

Intelligently capture the voice of the customer to drive a differentiated customer experience.

Your customers interact with you using multiple channels. Now, you need to capture the voice of the customer across all channels – and connect the dots on their overall experience.

Enterprise feedback management is a powerful means of collecting, analyzing and acting on customer feedback across all channels. It can enable you to capture customer input across web, phone, email, SMS and mobile channels while providing cross-channel analysis and reporting.

Organizations that use EFM to drive their Customer Experience programs can receive important benefits:

  • Consistently high customer response rates
  • Improved customer loyalty
  • Reduced customer churn
  • Deep insights into customer behavior

Verint Enterprise Feedback Management is an award-winning platform that can help drive your Customer Experience Program by enabling you to:

  • Integrate your CX data with CRM records and customer databases to personalize and contextualize interactions.
  • Coordinate all your customer feedback efforts across business units to avoid customer feedback fatigue.
  • Capture and integrate customer feedback across all channels to get an integrated view of customer activity.
  • Analyze data in real-time and provide role-based dashboards.
  • Take action on feedback with integrated case management that closes the loop on customer issues.
  • Improve contact center agent performance by providing customers with the ability to rate agents post-interaction.
  • Improve employee satisfaction with voice of the employee feedback

With solutions from OpinionLab, A Verint Company, we have extended our award-winning customer engagement optimization portfolio to include digital feedback management. Now, as customers initiate feedback in real time during digital transactional interactions on web and mobile devices, you can measure, analyze and act on them during key moments in their digital journeys.