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CX Engage

CX Engage, Clarabridge’s social customer service platform, helps the world’s leading brands provide immediate, scalable customer care over all major social media channels. CX Engage is a powerful solution for interpreting customer feedback and engaging with customers on their preferred channel. The result: better customer experiences. For more information, visit www.clarabridge.com.

Uniquely suited for enterprise social customer service teams

  • CX Engage was built from the ground up to make social customer service the cornerstone of a great customer experience.
  • Our distinct functionality empowers your social customer service team to work efficiently, no matter how large the team is or how far apart they are.
  • With CX Engage, even the most complex enterprises can build relationships with customers one-on-one.


Your social customer service program is only as good as what you can hear. CX Egage goes beyond anyone else in the market when it comes to listening.

CX Engage gathers billions of posts every day across every form of social media, as well as from millions of blogs,forums, reviews, and news sites. And it doesn’t just find tagged mentions. It recognizes conversations when your brand is simply mentioned, even if the reference is just in an image. You won’t miss a mention, so you can engage and learn every time someone is talking about you.



CX Engage uses text analytics to reveal meaning in social conversations. This lets you act to fix problems, fulfill needs, or streamline processes based on your customers’ feedback. Clarabridge was named a leader in the text analytics space by Forrester Research, and for good reason—we understand the slang, abbreviations, and even emoticons that are specific to social.


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Your customers expect a fast, accurate response. CX Engage helps you provide one. It automatically identifies the topic of a social conversation based on out-of-the-box, industry-specific models.

Then, once the topic has been tagged, CX Engage routes the mention to the right person anywhere in your organization to give an expert response. This is not only faster than manual tagging and routing, it is also more consistent. It supports metrics and reporting in a way that manual routing simply cannot.



A watchdog keeps an eye on your property, and lets you know if something’s wrong. CX Engage’s exclusive Watchdog feature gives you that same sense of security when it comes to your social channels. Watchdogs are customizable alerts that help you monitor your inbox. They keep you aware of how long mentions have been waiting for an answer, and help to make sure you don’t miss your response time SLAs.



CX Engage has an open API to integrate with all your other customer data. Out-of-the-box integrations include Salesforce, Desk.com, and Zendesk, as well as any other CRM system.

Because of these integrations, social customer service agents have access to relevant information when they interact with customers. This might include purchase history or open support tickets. With more information, agents are more effective, and keep your customers happier.



Your social customer service agents should make customers feel at home—no matter where they are in the world. CX Engage automatically translates mentions in over 160 languages. You can track, filter, respond, and analyze with confidence. Your customers will feel heard and understood, no matter what language they actually speak.