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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Sutherland Gleans Actionable Insights from Verint Speech Analytics and Shares Across Its Teams—and Its Clients

Speech Analytics

A leading digital operations and transformation company, Sutherland Global Services operates across 19 countries and executes more than 43 million transactions a month. Relying on Verint as a trusted partner for more than 12 years, the company leverages Verint Speech Analytics to gain valuable, near real-time, actionable business insights around everything from customer needs to meeting compliance requirements. In turn, these insights help Sutherland reengineer and simplify its processes, drive greater automation and process efficiencies, and further modernize its operations.

The company also shares these insights with various teams across the organization so it can hire better, train better and operate better—while, at the same time, sharing insights with its end clients to help them create seamless, end-to-end customer experiences.

Watch the customer profile to see just how much value Sutherland gains with Verint.

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