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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Verint Says “Simplify, Modernize, Automate”

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his article was previously published in Call Center Times.

After three days of attending Verint Engage 2018 (May 14-16 in Dallas, Texas), attendees may feel they have three words tattooed to their foreheads: Simplify, Modernize, and AutomateVerint used the Engage venue to drive home the meaning of Simplify, Modernize, and Automate as it pertains to improving customer profitability and enhancing engagement among employees and customers.

Simplify: Complexity impedes problem-solving. Agents and supervisors often must interact with multiple screens and applications and deal with inconsistent menus and navigation paths. The same for administrators, particularly if they manage multiple locations and siloed applications. Verint has long been noted for its superior user interfaces and works closely with end users to continue to make improvements.

Simplify also means offering a broad portfolio and multiple ways to acquire Verint solutions. While offering a broad range of solutions and acquisition options may seem counterintuitive to achieving simplicity, Verint’s approach is to make sure that customers don’t feel boxed in from limited choices. Because Verint solutions are open, easy to deploy, and simple to use, they can reduce complexity. Verint also provides out-of-the-box integrations to protect organizations’ existing investments.

Modernize: Businesses need to modernize but must also preserve their significant investments in legacy software. In many cases the software was developed in-house, making it very difficult to maintain or integrate with other enterprise applications. Verint’s extensive library of integrations allows businesses to ease their way into next generation software by taking things one step at a time. Customers can gradually transition to the cloud at their own pace, while simultaneously operating their existing on-premises systems.

Automate: The third leg of Verint’s three-legged stool is automate. The contact center space has long pioneered automation, going back to the invention of the automatic call distributor in the 1970s. Today we can go a lot further with the maturation of advanced speech and data analytics and artificial intelligence. Verint robotic process automation (RPA), for example, offloads manual work and shifts employees to more value-added processes. Besides boosting productivity, RPA reduces compliance risk by decreasing human error. Verint’s automated quality management application greatly lowers the time and labor cost of conducting quality evaluations and improves accuracy by scoring 100% of calls rather than a statistically insignificant sample.

Verint’s Engage conference was very successful. Attendees were enthusiastic, and several of the workshops were standing room only. These past five years have seen an explosion of new technologies, applications and acquisition options. The question for innovators is no longer can we develop a new feature or application, but should we? Technology is the enabler, but the catalyst must be user demand. Events such as Engage present an excellent forum for customers and partners to share challenges and offer ideas that Verint can take back to the labs—perhaps resulting in a new solution for the next year’s Engage conference!

Dick Bucci, Founder and Chief Analyst, Pelorus Associates

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