Over the next few weeks we will be revealing ten compelling reasons why you should use an outbound predictive dialler as part of your outbound communication strategy

For many businesses, proactive outbound customer communication can potentially be a key driver of success whether this is to help boost contract renewals, increase cross sell and up sell opportunities or manage service outages. All provide the opportunity to get on the front foot and be more proactive in how you engage with customers

However, if you are having to manually punch in numbers or constantly getting through to answer machines it can be both cumbersome and unwieldy and results in very little time clocked up speaking to customers. With modern predictive dialler technology this time consuming approach can be eliminated, boosting efficiency and productivity within your contact centre and enabling your agents to do what they do best – talk.

So why should you use a predictive Dialler? As our starter for 10 here is the first compelling reason why predictive dialling should be part of your contact centre strategy.

With a predictive dialler, you can significantly reduce the time you waste on outbound campaigns. That’s because the software has the intelligence to predict how long your agents will spend on each call and precisely when they should make the next one. Without the dialler, they are likely to spend most of their time trying to get hold of customers. With one, they’ll spend less time dialling and more time, often up to 50 minutes per hours, speaking to them. In short, therefore diallers can increase efficiency and raise agent productivity, both key benefits in a business environment where cost pressures continue to bite.

Want to know more? Stay tuned for next week’s top tip on why you should be using an Outbound Predictive Dialler in your business.