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Wednesday, April 11, 2018


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Engage18: On The Inside

Don’t have cowboy or cowgirl roots? That’s okay. You can still find ways to tap into your inner cowboy while attending the Verint Global Customer Conference in the Big D, May 14-17.

Here are five ideas to try on for size.

  • High-step it on over to the Cowtown Coliseum and stroll down the street the Coliseum lives on. It’s a street that’s filled with retail shops selling unique cowboy attire, including hats, boots and all the other cowboy fixings.
  • Grub down on a thick and juicy buffalo steak at one of the coolest restaurants in Dallas, called Stampede 66. This restaurant has serious flavor. We’re talking flavorful food that includes a brisket taco.
  • Need a salad fit for a true cowgirl? (Yes, cowboys eat salad, too.) No problem. Try The Porch. A true ‘wear your nice cowgirl jeans’ style restaurant that serves up delightful meals such as a Buttermilk Fried Chicken Cobb Salad that’s boot-stomping good.
  • Want to take your love for a good cowboy-sized steak to another level? Stephen Pyles has you covered with their Cowboy Ribeye.
  • The Engage18: Global Customer Conference is all about making connections, right? So after the conference, why not take your new-found connections over to The Standard Pour. Word has it that it’s a great place for those who love a good mint julep cocktail.
  • Bonus: Since cowboys and cowgirls love coffee—Mudsmith is a great little java place that comes fully equipped with taxidermy.

In the Big D, if you weren’t born with a pair of cowboy boots and a five-gallon hat, that’s okay. You can buy them and still eat and have fun like a true cowboy at heart. See you at Engage18!

Want to learn more about the Verint Engage18: Global Customer Conference? Click here.

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