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Thursday, April 5, 2018


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For the last couple of months, we worked tirelessly behind the scenes on our new branding as the Customer Engagement Company, and a new website to showcase this vibrant brand.

If you haven’t seen it yet, we are proud to present to you our new face and welcome you to the Verint website!

Our new website, logo and tagline present what we are today: a modern tech company that continually serves its customers with the same core values, quality and passion that we have for the past 20+ years. The new Verint brand aims to evoke a symbol of progress, and it’s part of what has helped Verint become one of the most recognizable brands in customer engagement.

We feel that our new brand is one of Verint’s greatest strengths and underscores the value we bring to customers: Simplify, modernize and automate to achieve sustainable competitive advantage.

With a passion for developing customers for life, we put our customers first and center to find the best possible solutions for their organizational and customer engagement needs—this is also true for the public sector and citizen engagement.

Take a look around. You’ll see the reflection of this philosophy in every area of the new website.

Find important customer videos and success stories, as well as research results and industry information in our resources section. Get to know Verint professionals through our new videos— don’t miss the 3 Words video with some secrets they share!

Looking for more insights and want to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in the Customer Engagement industry? See how Verint customers are succeeding in today’s marketplace. And, don’t miss the results of our recent global research study—some of them just might surprise you.

We hope you enjoy perusing the new site and re-engaging with the Verint brand. In fact, recently the site won a “gold” AVA Digital Award in the “websites-redesign” category; the AVAs honor “excellence in digital creativity, branding & strategy.” My thanks to our amazing global marketing team for modernizing our look-and-feel to be succinct, vibrant, and memorable!

We would love to hear from you—if you’re a customer, share your feedback with us in the Verint Community!

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