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Monday, April 2, 2018

Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket


There are many adages we can use to describe the call center industry. Not all contact centers are created equal, no two call centers are alike, and you can’t force a square peg into a circular hole. Nowadays, there are a variety of call and contact centers that serve different functions. When you think of the term “call center” you might think of a stuffy, dark room where uninspired employees pester people with unwanted calls. However, if you’re considering Enghouse Interactive, you already know that isn’t the case. Call centers serve an important part of the customer experience, and we’ll help your business excel even further.

Some call centers focus on outbound calls, and yes, they may be sales or marketing calls. Still, others receive inbound calls that field customer service or technical support requests. Then there are call centers that support a combination of inbound and outbound calls. And to mix things up, some call centers employ the use of not only calling, but also help via email, online chat, and even SMS. We offer many different solutions, all of which aim to empower your agents to do their best work as efficiently and seamlessly as possible. To do this, a personal touch is often an effective strategy to deploy the best service possible.

Having a contact center system that automatically looks up incoming interactions across both internal and external databases to identify customers will then allow agents to deliver a more personalized response in return. It makes customers feel appreciated, which spills into your agent’s workplace satisfaction as they solve inquiries. Ultimately, those workplace” wins” result in increased success for your company. In order to deliver highly personalized and efficient service, we recommend omnichannel systems that can perform recognition across all channels and federate data from multiple CRMs and applications. There is complexity to running an exemplary call center, and that should be acknowledged as you decide the contact center system that works well for you.

As you construct your strategy, remember not all of your workloads (or eggs) fit in the same basket. Therefore, our software is not a “one size fits all approach.” We offer you choices and control of all of our systems, allowing us to help you bring everything together to work at top efficiency. At Enghouse Interactive, we are innovative. We offer solutions that dynamically select the most relevant data elements to be shown on the visible part of the desktop. Choosing the right call center software for your business is no easy decision, and we don’t take that lightly. We will help you empower your agents so you can run at top capacity now and prepare to grow in the future. Some of your most personal and direct customer interaction takes place in the contact center, and we can bring together your telephony system, automatic call routing, customer information tracking, inbound marketing, customer services, and more in one unified solution. This will lead to better results for your customers, your agents, and for YOU!

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