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Sunday, March 11, 2018


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As the world grows more complex, compliance regulations have made recording more important than ever.

However, recording today involves far more than capturing calls—we must also include IM, video, desktop screens, app/screen sharing, white boarding, file transfer, SMS and other types of electronic communication.

In short, we must proactively capture everything to equip your organization with needed data and critical insights. If your organization is evaluating its collaboration compliance strategy, here are six things to consider:

  1. Look for flexible technology.  You need a single, integrated solution to fulfill record-keeping requirements, protect information privacy, reconstruct any trade, prevent compliance failures before they occur and effectively manage the risks associated with every interaction.
  2. Capture everything, everywhere. Whether it’s voice, video, IM, desktop screen or content sharing, look for compliance recording solutions that can capture all communication types across leading unified communications, collaboration and trading communications platforms.
  3. Proactively control your unified communications. Waiting until after information is recorded before taking action can be risky. Consider collaboration compliance solutions that can combine proactive policy enforcement into your compliance efforts through presence control, session control, legal disclaimers, file transfer blocking and IM content filtering.
  4. Keep calm and preserve what matters. End-to-end data encryption, full audit logs, role-based access control, automated data retention and a wide set of compliance storage integrations are key features for demonstrating that your recordings are fully protected and are readily available.
  5. Uncover your data for in-depth analysis. Look for solutions that offer rapid, scalable phonetic search, speech transcription and automatic labeling to provide insights from massive amounts of structured and unstructured data.
  6. Take an agile approach to advanced compliance. The ability to control access to recordings, collaborate on compliance cases and meet litigation hold requirements is crucial. Look for solutions that offer fine-grain mechanisms to tackle the most sophisticated compliance scenarios across your organization.

Collaboration compliance solutions can help you address all these challenges. For example, Verint Verba offers cross-platform compatibility with leading unified communications, IP telephony, trading floor, public mobile and analog communication vendors, including Skype for Business and Cisco Jabber.

This robust, complete collaboration compliance solution provides enterprise-level recording technology and comprehensive regulatory compliance features—providing richer functionality for meeting required regulations, laws and high standards of compliance and security.

Verint Verba will be demonstrating its compliance recording and collaboration compliance capabilities at Enterprise Connect in Orlando on March 12. Come see us in booth #2127!

Learn more about how Verint Verba reinvents compliance by offering proven solutions for your unified communications solutions.


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