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Tuesday, December 26, 2017


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Enhancing what you have to deliver better experiences

A question being asked within many organizations is—how can we deliver better customer experiences? What solutions should we invest in to help achieve customer experience goals and meet customer expectations?

Often we look to new and shiny when there’s often the opportunity to do much more with what we currently have. This may be true for your organization when it comes to workforce optimization.

The latest advances available today may be just what you need to help you achieve your customer experience goals. Let’s explore how you can use these advancements to tackle your day-to-day business challenges.

Use Automated Quality to Evaluate Interactions

Your agents have a significant impact on your customer experiences, so it is important to be able to identify deficiencies so that you can target specific agent skills for improvement. Autoscoring your quality management forms and evaluating your calls using automated quality solutions can help your organization quickly, easily and objectively evaluate every recorded call for script adherence and other customer service requirements. When you can evaluate many more calls, you can get a better understanding of your agents’ performance and take appropriate action to automatically assign coaching exactly when and where it’s needed.

Increase Employee Engagement by Providing Transparency

Now that you can autoscore all of your calls, it is important to use this data to improve your operations. Scorecards can be incorporated into your quality management program to help you monitor your team’s performance across quality KPIs, make it easy to report and share quality trends, trigger alerts, and follow the results of coaching sessions.

Additionally, scorecards can provide agents with greater (daily and intra-day) visibility into their performance against goals so they can identify areas for self-improvement. This combination of scorecards and automated quality can generate a greater sense of fairness in the evaluation process, empowering agents to examine their performance and self-correct behavior—ultimately increasing employee engagement.

The benefits could include improved average handle time, first call resolution, reduced after-call work time, etc., helping your organization to create a better customer experience.

Develop Rich Interactions with Attended Automation

A third way you can see better results with your workforce optimization solution is to implement attended or desktop automation to help your agents do their work more quickly and accurately. These attended automation solutions can provide your agents with guidance scripts that assist them through their processes, providing additional instructions as they reach each step. These software robots can also automatically complete portions of the work for them, reducing the time spent to get that work done.

This can enable agents to focus their time and effort on tasks or processes that require human decision-making, creativity, and empathy—making employees feel more valued in their skill sets and delivering rich customer interactions.

When looking for ways to achieve your top customer experience goals, it is important to first examine what you have and look for ways to help ensure you are fully using all the latest capabilities of the software. In the case of workforce optimization solutions, consider the use of solutions such as automated quality, scorecards, and attended automation to evaluate the quality across all your contact center’s calls, empower employees by letting them know how they are performing, and use tools that can improve the experience for both the employee and customers.

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