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Monday, October 30, 2017

Download the Contact Babel Inner Circle Guide to Outbound & Call Blending

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Download the Contact Babel Inner Circle Guide to Outbound & Call Blending

Enghouse Interactive is a platinum sponsor of this year’s Contact Babel: Inner Circle Guide to Outbound & Call Blending.

The Inner Circle Guides are a series of analyst reports investigating key customer contact solutions. This Guide aims to give you a detailed and definitive view of outbound touching business drivers, technology, HR factors and compliance & regulations.

The Inner Circle Guide to Outbound and Call Blending includes:

  • Outbound activity by vertical market, contact centre size and activity type
  • HR factors – salaries, attrition, absence and recruitment in the outbound world
  • Outbound automation – use of dialling modes, outcomes, agent utilisation rates, connection time & dialling activity
  • The use of answer-machine detection, CLI/CLID, broadcast and IVM
  • Compliance with outbound regulations and best practice
  • The effect and use of call blending, scripting, call-back and outbound multi-channel contact
  • In-depth responses to end-users’ questions about key outbound issues
  • Outbound in the cloud

Enghouse Interactive’s award-winning Outbound Communicator with predictive dialler technology offers high performance, extraordinary flexibility and user-friendly operation for your dynamic outbound proactive campaigns. The software allows you to quickly set up and implement tailored campaigns without extensive programming skills, and complete them successfully while making the most efficient use of available resources, saving time and costs.

Please fill out the form to download the report.

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