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Thursday, October 12, 2017


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If yours is among the growing number of companies that have embraced customer engagement as a business strategy, you may be wondering, “Should we be doing something differently than before?”

The short answer is yes and no—and importantly, you should be doing the same things better.

The place to start is the customer journey. It is essential to understand each step consumers take when communicating with your firm. You can do this with customer journey maps. There is software for this, and you can whiteboard it as well. You will need a map for each major reason consumers contact your company.

An ideal way to identify these causes is to examine Interaction Analytics data. This can include outtakes from your speech, text and/or social analytics. Often, it’s the trivial things that drive customers off the satisfaction highway into dead ends and roundabouts, such as complex self-service menus and confusing billing statements. A common example is the requirement for personal authentication. Voice Recognition technology uses archived voiceprints to accurately recognize callers. No more angst over forgetting your first-grade teacher’s name.

Another pothole consumers encounter is having to make follow-up calls to resolve the same issue. This happens about 25% of the time and increases cost by the same ratio. Agents don’t always have all the information at their fingertips. These delays can be dramatically reduced by investing in a desktop Knowledge Base. This pulls up the information agents need with the speed and simplicity of popular search engines.

And what about things that are hard to explain over the phone or via email? For this, Co-browsing used in conjunction with Web Chat precisely illustrates how to operate the TV remote or fill out that lengthy loan application.

Decision Guidance software helps confused or indecisive callers pick the right solution for their circumstances. And few things irritate customers more than having to re-educate new agents about prior interactions. For this, every organization needs some form of Case Management technology. The case and its status will be available for any agent to view in the interaction history.

Now that you’ve chosen the right personnel, provided thorough training, and equipped them with the best technology, your transition and path to effective customer engagement and experiences should provide a bump in customer satisfaction. To know for sure, you need a comprehensive Voice of the Customer solution that monitors and analyzes your digital, voice, text and social channels.

The bolded items comprise the core elements of a complete customer engagement suite. And we believe the best solutions are omnichannel. They work just as well with data and voice communications and are equally accessible from wired and wireless devices. When all applications work together, sharing the same software architecture, databases and user interfaces, things work more harmoniously—both for the enterprise and for the customer.

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