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Sunday, September 24, 2017


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In my last post, I reflected on my vacation to the Galapagos and my thoughts on how customer experience programs needed to evolve similarly to how various endemic species of the Galapagos were required to in order to survive.

Building on that comparison, specifically with regard to the idea of “ç,” a critical survival challenge that CX departments are increasingly facing is being able to show how their initiatives are driving business outcomes.

A lot of research has been done which makes the general point that great customer experiences drive long-term profitable growth. These macro proof points have been sufficient for many organizations to initially invest in customer experience initiatives—this has been great for customer experience professionals and the overall CX space.

However. An increasing challenge CX departments are facing is that this macro level perspective is not enough to gain the continued funding and investment required to build on initial CX efforts. Executives ultimately want to see how CX investments have directly impacted business performance. And if they can’t see an economic impact, then there is typically a negative effect on budgets, staffing and overall commitment to CX.

Unfortunately, too many CX departments are struggling to link their initiatives to tangible business results, which poses a risk to their long-term survival. This is primarily due to a few common pitfalls that many CX leaders have been able to successfully avoid. I have been fortunate to work with several of these leading organizations—the good news is that these pitfalls are easily avoidable.

We can all learn several lessons from organizations that have been successful in linking CX initiatives to business outcomes.

Want to learn more? I will discuss this topic with Jeff Lewandowski, Senior Partner and EVP of Andrew Reise Consulting, in a complimentary webinar on Thursday, September 28, at 1 p.m. ET. We will discuss how to avoid these common pitfalls, cover best practices for how to prioritize CX initiatives that will have the greatest impact, and review case studies of leading organizations that Jeff has helped successfully connect CX to financial measures.

Join us by registering here.

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