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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

TODAY, Pro-active Customer Management Is Essential


Whenever a customer interacts with your organization, be it an account manager a technical specialist, a contact center agent or through an automated self-service application, you need to ensure he has a positive and satisfying experience.

To give agents and office workers the best basis for successful interaction, the business communication system deploy must have powerful capabilities. Not only must it be easy to work with, allowing users to find information and switch application seamlessly, but it should also integrate front and back office processes.

And to ensure maximum Return On Investment (ROI), it must be easy to incorporate into your existing telecommunications system and IT infrastructure. So adopting an open architecture and adding compliance with all the most common IT and telecom standard to your shopping list will be necessary alongside the expected easy- to- maintain option that you know your senior management will expect.

Welcome to our world, a subject area we believe is so full of rich potential that we at Voxtron have made it our mission to help you enjoy the myriad benefits – and in a way that both delights you and exceed your expectations in the process.

Powerfull & Flexible Communications Capabilities That Can Be Fine – Tuned

Multimedia routing and its associated capabilities have failed to deliver real ROI. until now. Voxtron Customer Interaction Solution (CIS) integrated phone. Emai chat, fax, and SMS, both for self-services as well as personal services. So, for example, our universal check concept offers multiple routing options and highly flexible design. it thus facilitates the processing and handling of multiple communication channels. Additionally, the client software is multifunctional and can be used both in front and back office. so, in case you need additional staff to answer the call, you can simply integrate the back office into the contact center routing with a simple mouse click.

Developing and customizing capabilities like these and communication solution, in general, has been Voxtrons forte for the last 15 years; as you would expect we have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in this domain in the process.

Unsurprisingly, therefore, the different modules offered with a Voxtron Solution Make it easy to customize and scale an application that perfectly suits your needs now and, as your organization changes going forward, in the future.

We can even help you contribute to a greener world by enjoying the benefits of our contribution to a greener world by enjoying the benefits of our ” One server, One Client” concept. This is where the architecture of Voxtron Customer Interaction solution will replace all the single servers usually needed for fax, mail, routing, messaging, presence, etc.

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