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Sunday, August 13, 2017


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Making the customer experience as convenient for customers as possible is now a high priority for most organizations. Keep it simple, and then get customers on their way.

A good omnichannel approach usually helps make that happen. But here’s a question: How good is an omnichannel approach if it isn’t done well?

OpinionLab’s Jeremey Dunn shares some thoughts on that very topic based on his recent shopping experience that could have taken place in the mid-1980s. He states that from a CX perspective, a poor omnichannel approach can be more detrimental to your brand than no omnichannel approach at all.

As he discusses in his new blog, today’s customers want a seamless journey. That’s all. They are not concerned about why you operate your contact centres, stores and e-commerce units separately, or that the communication process between your teams in various locations is challenging. All they care about is getting what they need from your business and moving on.

That means delivering an enriching and consistent experience across all channels—every time.

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